Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're at DEF CON 5 people

Pages from the wonderful book, Testing Miss Malarkey. 
Here it is... we are knocking on the door to the state test. Test samples have been reviewed and discussed. We have gone through every test taking tip known to mankind. I do believe my kids are ready! BUT is the teacher ready?

I have attended the ever important test security meeting. I have been given the dos and don'ts of proper monitor procedures. That meeting has led to a long list of preparation tasks to complete before Monday morning.

  1. Cover any content related material that adorn my classroom walls.
  2. Move the desks into properly spaced rows.
  3. Sharpen two pencils for each student...I know I don't have to do this task. They are 5th graders. They can sharpen their own, right? I do it for them as an act of love for my students. Almost like new pencils for the first day of school. There is just something about holding a new pencil.
  4. Place a chair in the back of the room... just in case a state monitor decides to visit MY room all all the room in the school to monitor.
  5. Prepare encouragement surprise treats for my kiddos so that each morning they will find a small goody
    with a corny phrase about doing well. By the way, I truly love spending my pre-testing week weekend
    completing this task.

and the list goes on....

The worry will start some time in the middle of Sunday night. I will stare at the darkness and beg for a good night's rest like I told my students to get each night. It isn't a worry about content and whether I covered everything I was supposed to cover. No, it is more of a hope of each little love I have had the opportunity to educate. I want them to do well for their own accomplishment and not because my pay will be affected or whether my job hangs on their every bubble.

It always baffles me when I think about how exhausted I am each day after testing. And I didn't take the test!! I assume my exhaustion comes from the hope for my students to think clearly and to know they can accomplish this daunting task.

So, Monday will come and I will walk those rows of desks to monitor the test before them, make sure they didn't skip a bubble or two, and to collect their materials after each session. I will also walk those rows to show my support for them, somehow try to inject my love for them through an encouraging smile and light hand on their back. I just want them to know that I am there for THEM.... and so wish I could take their place.

When Monday, April 15th rolls around, we will all go back to normal. My desks will be back in their sets of 4 for maximum collaborative learning.We will learn things to prepare for 6th grade because that was what I thought I was supposed to do. It will be a happy little classroom once again.

P.S., I know that my post isn't very techie in thought, but this post has been very therapeutic. Thanks for reading.

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