Friday, April 5, 2013

Five For Friday ...April 5th

We made it through the week. The anticipation of next week lingered in the air. All preparation leads to the upcoming state test. Isn't that a shame? So here it goes. Linking up our Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs.

Taught foreshadowing to my kiddos. I used all sorts of examples, but mostly Disney video clips. I used the opening scene from Mary Poppins when Burt is singing in the park. I love, love, love Mary Poppins. As a little girl, I wanted to be Mary Poppins. I guess I am in some way... with the children until the wind changes. But I digress....

So after showing the clip and asking for the foreshadowing, I could not believe my ears... several of my students have NEVER watched the movie. Of course, you know what we had to do... watch Mary Poppins. We would review and talk strategy for the first thirty minutes of class, then it was 30 minutes of Mary Poppins. The kids LOVED it.

My youngest son,who is a Freshmen in high school, came to visit my classroom today. My boys are so wonderful. They love coming to my room to visit the kids. I think they enjoy the celebrity status they have with my awe struck fifth graders. The boys always jump right in to whatever we are doing. Today we planned with an app called Little Things Forever. It's like an old fashion I Spy book. 

I found a fantastic imagery lesson on Teacher Pay Teachers. The activity uses the song "Mean" by Taylor Swift. The song allows the students to use inference, look for similes and imagery, and discuss the idea of bullying. As stated in the lesson, I played the song for them. My kiddos instantly started singing along. We had deep discussion as we analyzed the song. And it FREE!!! So snatch it up! 

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I have pencil to sharpen, treats to prepare so my brilliant minds have a little word of encouragement, and taking a road trip to watch our Winterguard from our high school compete for the Winterguard Championship. These girls are amazing and take my breathe away with their talent. 

Happy Weekend 


  1. I am looking up that app right now! So glad I found your cute blog through the Five For Friday linky.


    1. Little things forever can get really addictive. I just could not put it down. The kids beg to play it on our down time.

  2. I have one more question i am new to blogging but you are helping me lots. How do you get the post to do words then pic then words then pic etc. mine puts all pics together and i can't figure out how to put them by the text they should be by?

    1. I tend to upload my picture, then develop my text. I find it easy to manipulate the area. You can also drag your pics to where you would like them, then adjust your text. I also do a preview before I publish. If I don't like what it looks like in preview i can adjust.

      Happy Blogging.... always here to help