Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Love Drawing Monsters

Cost: $1.99

I ran across this app on Apps Gone Free one day. With a monster themed classroom, I downloaded this app while it was free. It is a simple how to draw app that also allows students to customize their monsters and save them into the camera roll, drawing book, print them, or even email them.

 I liked that this app had a lot of outputs for it's use. As I do with any app, I played around with it myself. I created a monster and showed it to my 6th graders who got very excited about creating their own. They begged me to download it on the class iPads. Not everyone of my students liked it, but it is a nice easy how to draw monsters app. 

The interface is simple. You can choose to watch the how to video, step by step drawing, or check out the portfolio of saved artwork. 

There's a how to use this app tutorial video. 

 The portfolio houses all the saved created monsters.

 Once you click on the drawing monsters section, it will give you the 3 page index of monsters you can draw.

 Select your monster and draw each section step by step. When the body parts are drawn in blue that signifies the step you are to draw yourself. You can use pencil colors, markers, or special patterns to draw your monster. You select these by holding down your finger over the medium you want to use. It will then pop up a window that allows for you to select your color.

 Begin drawing the parts of your monster.

 You click the arrow each time you are ready to advance to the next part to draw. You can always adjust the size of your pencil colors or markers on the drawing or coloring process.

When you've completed the drawing a smiley face will appear in the place of the arrow to advance to the next section.

Once you've completed your monster, you'll have options to color it. I recommend saving it to your portfolio and coloring from there. That way you have an original drawing of the monster and don't have to re-draw it each time. Unless of course you want to.

After visiting your portfolio with your saved monster, you can edit the monster,color it and give it a background. Then you can save it to your camera roll, print, or email the image. 

This app is just a fun little "how to draw" kind of app. It allows for a great deal of creativity for children. Techie drawing and coloring! You gotta love it!!!

Happy Creating!!!


  1. This looks cute you could use it as reward. for whatever reason if they accomplish it they get a monster made by you . You could print it and post it on the wall.

    1. Dawn I love that idea! What a great way to give them a quick and easy incentive. Thanks so much for sharing that idea and taking time to comment on the post. :)


  2. Oh this is very cool! I love it when Apps go Free! I am new to Ipad though - can I ask, how do I take a screen shot on my Ipad?


    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Oh Alison screen shots will be your new best friend. I tell my students to press the on/off button at the top and the home button at the same time. If you do this at the same time, your screen should flash like a camera. Then you can check your camera roll and your image should be there. This is VERY helpful when you are making handouts and stuff for your students or even yourself. :) I hope that helps!


    2. Oh thank you so much! I have been told before but forgot! Very handy!

  3. This is great. Last Friday I got the one for drawing people. I was testing it out with the kids and everyone was liking it. Great find!

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