Thursday, April 25, 2013

It Is A Pinterest World and I Am A Pinterest Girl

Lately I have been spending my evenings lost in the world that Pinterest has created for me. It has become my ultimate procrastination buddy. I get completely lost in the recipes, amazing outfits that I wish someone would place in my closet, and the greatest education tools and lessons. My boards are filled with the neatest things. And I find myself saying, "I found it on Pinterest!" way tooooo much!

I always settle in to my Pinterest world by exploring the popular pins first. If other people are pinning this stuff to their boards, I really should consider pinning it to my boards. RIGHT? Then I adventure into education and really sink into oblivion.

 I can say that I truly use the things that I pin. We have tried numerous recipes. Some meals were a huge success, but others I have attempted belong in the EPIC FAIL hall of fame. We've made spinach lasagna rolls and a crock pot cheesy chicken tater tot casserole. My boys absolutely loved them and now ask for those meals quite often. And then there was the dried strawberries! Let's just say that they looked nothing like the pictures. The strawberry pieces shriveled into something that resemble dried octopus tentacles. It made for a good laugh, but not an appealing snack.

The wardrobe in my Pinterest world makes me look fabulous. Oh how I would love to open my closet one day to find the perfect outfit complete with jewelry and shoes. I do have to say that the outfits that I have pinned has inspired how I shop and what items I coordinate. I have even learned which necklace to choose when wearing a certain neckline. Oh yes, I do believe I am becoming a fashionista.

I'm also a quote hoarder. Pinterest is perfect for collecting all those beautiful motivating or thought provoking quotes. Quotes from my favorite books, life lived quotes, educational quotes... you name it! I hoard it!

But my favorite board has to be my "Teachery Things" board. We live in a beautiful age for education. Finding resources and helpful tools has never been easier. Through Pinterest, I have been able to connect to some pretty spectacular blogs and teachers who inspire me with their ideas. Just before school started this year, I found myself rummaging around my education board to ensure I utilize the anchor charts, classroom management ideas, and lessons.

A picture is worth a thousand words... and I find this Pinterest utopia I created to be completely worth the time spent wandering among the pins. I wonder what "Pinteresting" things I find today and use tomorrow. What do you find "Pinteresting"?