Thursday, March 14, 2013

What did I ever do without ....

I love technology! I love using it, exploring with it, and teaching my little peeps how to use it productively. I love it, but I think technology has me at a disadvantage.

These thoughts all started just last week when I accidentally left my iPad at home. I did the panic mode search that we all do when we can't find a very valuable piece of our life. And then realized that  it never made it into my school bag. I really felt lost all day. No on the spot Class Dojo. No 10 minute free play reward for the hard working kiddos. No checklist!!!!! However, I am happy to say that I did  make it through the day slightly unharmed.

It happened again on Monday, but with my iPhone this time. I really didn't panic as much as I could have. I rarely need my phone during the hours of 8 to 3. And anyone in my life knows its go time once the day starts and there is no time for the outside world until 3. The only exception is my boys and husband. That's a given, right? If the husband had been out of town, then I would have become a nervous wreck. My thoughts would have instantly ran the long list of "no phone" questions.

"What if one of the boys need me?"

"What if the husband gets in an accident to or from the Houston office?"

"What if one of my parents ....?"

Of course, the phone wasn't missed all that much. The husband was working from home and kept me updated through email if I received any crucial text from our boys.

However, it really has me thinking about all the other pieces of technology in my life that I just can not "live without" in my life. I am so very dependent on my Activboard, those flipcharts, and my precious mounted projector. I think I can remember how to teach without them, but I would rather not attempt such an adventure these days. Technology doesn't take 100% of my instructional day, but it is used more often than not. I have recently had to replace the batteries in most my ActivExpressions because we use them so much. The purchase of 75 AA batteries can get quite expensive! However, it is a wonderful blessing to have them in my room and seems to become a necessity to each day.

Yep, I really don't know what I would do without the technology in my classroom.

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