Saturday, March 16, 2013


By: Braining Camp
Cost: $0.99
Requires: IOS 5.0 or higher
Compatible with Ipad

This app was one of those I ran across from the Apps Gone Free app. See this link if you missed that app review. Anyway I'm always in the market for math games that my kids can play. This app is like the beloved word forming Scrabble game only with equations! The same rules for Scrabble apply to this particular app, but you have to make number sentences instead of words. After downloading, I had to test drive it and decided to try it with one of my students during the end of  classes. 

To play a new game, you can use the game center (which I don't use in my classroom), play against the computer, or pass and play with the person next to you.

I have my students paper, rock, scissors to see who goes first. Players begin by using the equal sign in the middle of the board to create their first number sentence.

After the first player makes their number sentence and hits play, it tallies up the points for them. You'll notice when it is the second players turn, they have an equal sign in their usable tiles. The only time an equal sign is not present is on the very first round as they are forcing you to use the one in the middle to start the game.

If the player makes a sentence that is not true, it will pop up and give them an error message. Even though the player gets an error message, he or she can still fix their mistake before finishing the round.

Players continue to play back and forth until no one can make a move. After both players take a turn passing, it signifies the end of the game and a winner is declared.

My students LOVED this game once they got the hang of it. It was a little tricky for them at first, but once they understood what was required of them it was all good from there. They beg me to play "that number game" in class. They like the challenge and the ability to play against their friends. I would highly recommend this app for use in a math classroom.

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