Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today Was An Amazing Day!

It was a great day, even though it hasn't stopped raining for almost three days straight. Rainy days mean an inside recess. Rainy days mean "the natives are getting restless."  The first full week back to school after the holidays can make everyone tired. Days like this can make any teacher be at his or her wits end. BUT, today .... it was a great day!

I had learned a new technique with my ActivExpressions. Just before Christmas break, I sat in on a webinar to learn how to register students' names on the devices. In the past, the devices had always been registered with a number. The Techie Teacher in me was jumping for joy and singing,  "Something new! Something new!" Of course I had to wait until we returned from break.

I love using my Expressions. It is a great tool for on-the-fly quizzing, reviews, and exit tickets. My Expressions rest in baskets which stay in the middle of each cooperative group. There is a scrambling of excitement when I ask them to grab an Expression. Of all my "toys" in my classroom, they have to be the best of my favorite devices.

And today arrives. I had ensured that all 105 kids had been imported and correctly categorized in the appropriate class yesterday. Fingers are crossed. Prayers to the techie gods have been said. And then... bliss! You know the feeling. That moment in a teacher's life when you remember that you are a great teacher and this is your calling in life. All those 'wee hours' in the morning were so worth it. The wish for your principal to walk in and see the amazing experience these kids are having. Let me say it again...bliss.

After each class settled in, I asked them to grab an Expression and saw the glee in their faces. Then it just got better. I explained the new technique I learned and how their name would appear from now on instead of the number they were so used to having. Their excitement, just from the explanation, was fantastic. Then it was topped off when it actually worked. It happened the same way with each class as the rainy day continued. If that wasn't enough, some of my students said those magic words....THANK YOU. My cup surely runneth over. No longer were they just a number.  These children felt a new connection with the technology.  Ownership.  Pride.

Yep! Today was an amazing day! I sincerely hope that you are having those amazing days. I hope you revel in the smallest of moments when everything is going right, when your hard work and dedication to your lesson worked, and when they look at you with a smile.

Did you have an amazing moment recently? We would love to read about them.

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