Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Selecting Image Sizes in Google

Whenever I sit down to create a flipchart for my lessons, I always start with the images.  I am a visual learner and images speak volumes to me!  It might be the fact that I am just a tad OCD with my flipcharts, but I use to spend A LOT of time searching for images that were the perfect size. I think it is extremely important to have proper image sizes so the images don't become distorted or grainy when they are resized.  To solve the problem...of taking hours searching for the "perfect" images, I began searching for specific image sizes so that the images are crystal clear, thus enhancing my flipcharts.  To search for a particular image size in Google, follow these  super simple steps:

Step 1:  Select "Image" to define your search.

 Step 2: Type your search term.

 Step 3:  Click on "Search Tools" to expand the tool choices.

Step 4:  Click on "Any Size"

Step 5:  Choose the specific size for your project.

Step 6:  Right click to open the image in a new tab.

Step 7:  Once the image is open in the new tab, you can choose to "save image as" or copy the image.(Some images are subject to copyright laws)

If you like the font used on the images, check back for our "Fontabulous Friday" where we will feature several unique handwriting fonts available for FREE download!  The font featured in this post is T3 Jay!

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