Tuesday, December 3, 2013

LACUE Conference

After what seems like a period of hibernation, we are back to blogging. Who know that something we love to talk about so much and explore to no end would be so hard to put into words on a regular basis? I know that Rachel and Ashleigh both agree with me when I express the following thought.

We find ourselves so embedded in to creating great technology lessons, writing grants, and helping solve techie issues in our own little building or life that we have found it somewhat challenging to put our thoughts and ideas into words and share within the blogging world.

But I digress...what has been going on in our little techie world?

Our latest adventure is our state's annual technology conference. The three of us look forward to this conference. We just get all giddy waiting for that email asking for help with monitoring the session rooms and get down right thrilled when we get the email to submit a proposal for LACUE. This conference is just right for three techie girls like us. We always walk away from the two day event with a sense of accomplishment. The three hour trip home is filled with constant chatter about what we learned, what we want to try, or what will finally break out of comfort zone and do. Our geek level rising pretty high during the conference and really explodes once we get together. But we couldn't and wouldn't want it any other way. 
Loved hanging out with the vendors showing their greatest tools for a tech savvy classroom. 

Breaking out of our "fruity" comfort zone. 

This year as been extra special for our team. Ashleigh was awarded with multiple awards this year. The first award was given for her students' video entry on bullying. Ashleigh was also awarded LACUE's Elementary Teacher of the Year for our region. And of course we were overjoyed when she was announced as LACUE's Elementary Teacher of the Year for the state. These awards were very well deserved. Ashleigh really works diligently with our parish's tech department and our school. Her expertise truly has no end because she is continually learning . We just couldn't be prouder that is a a third of our team.

Ashleigh and our Chief Technology Officer for our parish, Sheryl Abshire. 

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