Monday, July 1, 2013


The end of my school year was filled with lots of emotion! My little angel started Kindergarten this year, and boy oh boy, her first year of school was the best year of her life!

I tried so hard to soak up every moment...every new word read...every blend, every digraph, every diphthong. When I taught first grade, I loved seeing my students learn to read and become fluent readers...this year, I was able to experience this from the parent's perspective! I enjoyed every milestone and every accomplishment of my angel becoming a reader!

I loved seeing Ave and her little friends develop friendships that will last a lifetime. I soaked up the smiles, giggles, and amazing personalities of these girls! At times my heart hurt when Ave and her friends had to deal with "trouble on the playground" with some girls who said hurtful things...all the while knowing that these tough situations will make them stronger.

Sometimes, stopping to truly cherish each moment is hard and life can get in the way! This is where my emotions took over, I saw an entire year of Ave's life flash by! That last week of school, I cried more than I think I ever have before. If one school year can fly by that fast, I want to slow down even more! I want to bookmark and snapshot each and every moment of these memories and file them away so that I can hold on to this precious time! I want to surround Ave with amazing people and teachers who will be involved in every aspect of the development of my wonderful, caring, and talented little lady! I want to encourage her, support her, and push her farther than she may think she can go...I want to be her biggest cheerleader while teaching her that life simply isn't fair. I want to show her that hard work and dedication can help her chase her dreams and that losing or falling makes you STRONGER! I want her to know that getting up after you fall is what shows character! I want her to be proud of who she is and stand up for what she knows is right...and not let anyone tear her down. I want her to dance her heart out and sing at the top of her lungs...not worrying about what anyone says or thinks. I want her to know she is loved.

Some may say I'm too involved or I care too much. I say, how can you be TOO involved? Isn't that what being a parent is all about?

To you "helicopter" parents, keep on hovering...these are your babies! You only have them for a little while! You are your child's first and BEST teacher! Show them how to love, care, and treat others with kindness, stay involved and ask questions...lots of questions! This is my that when Avery graduates, I will know that I stopped to smell the proverbial rose. I will know that I was able to truly see her grow...that I didn't blink...that I LIVED every minute with my precious gift from above!

The time has come to close a chapter in Ave's life...GOODBYE Kindergarten...HELLO 1st grade!
I can't wait to see what amazing memories we make this year!

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