Saturday, April 13, 2013

Root Words

Let's just face it...there are not that many apps out there for the ELA (English Language Arts) teacher. When I taught math, I could find just about anything I needed for my students in an app. And then I came across this little app on Apps Gone Free a week ago. 

From TaptoLearn, Root Words is a FREE app that allows the user to build a stronger vocabulary. Knowing the root and its meaning can help a student grow tremendously in his or her reading. Whether it for a great novel, the science textbook, or math terminology, vocabulary is essential for growth.   

The app gives the user 14 categories to practice. The next screens give the user a meaning and the user an attempt to develop the root.

Once the user has accomplished learning the roots, the app provides three activities of creating words with your new knowledge and definitions. I really loved figuring out what the words were. I found myself commenting on how the word made sense when it was "chunked". I was truly using some high order thinking as a tried. 

As the user accomplishes these activities, the app tracks progress with a pie chart. 

I think the app could be used more in the upper grades due to the complexity of the words that are being developed. I know it would sure come in handy for those students taking the SAT and ACT. 

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