Friday, April 19, 2013

Five For Friday .. April 19

We made it through the week! It was a very eventful week everywhere! After the week our nation has had, each day began with a prayer that nothing more could befall on our great nation. Our prayers are with anyone and everyone affected by the Boston Bombing and the West Texas disaster.

1. I look forward to this time every year. I do a novel study on Lauren St. John's The White Giraffe. I developed it a few years ago before the days of Common Core. It sure is coming in handy now. My fifth graders complete a Book In A Bag project. I found the project and adapted it to my own needs and wants with rubrics, quizzes, and all. This project might just have to be my first TpT item.

2. T3 is shrinking! Not in number, but in size!!! We are so very proud of Rae. She has been hitting it hard since she has joined Crossfit. We hear from other friends who attend with her that Rae is kicking butt and taking names when it comes to her workouts. Rae is down 28 pounds!!!! She is our hero! 

3. Along with our good friend and colleague Jason, we hosted our first in district webinar. Being established as a I-TEC teacher in our school district allows us to have great technology and fun in our rooms. Being an I-TEC teacher is wonderful and allows us to share all kinds of cool techie things we learn. Besides writing a mini- grant to enjoy the benefits of I-TEC, we are also given projects that expand our thinking and creative natures. And we don't shy away from a challenge when that email detailing our task! One of those projects was building a webinar to share our techie knowledge within our district. Presenting with each other so was much fun!!!! We each presented our three "must have" teacher apps. We just hope the people who attended received some bit of knowledge.

Angela picked the Brainpop app, Auryn's interactive book apps, and the Class Dojo app.

Ashleigh chose the Blackboard app, Sparklefish, and Accelerated Reader's app.

Jason featured Kagan's timer app, Spelling City's app, and Apps Gone Free.

4. In order to present a new favorite app of ours, we needed the assistance of little hands to show the app in action. Ashleigh's daughter, Avery, became our "hand model". We featured an interactive book created by Auryn and writtten by Jamie Lee Curtis called Where do Balloons Go? We featured this app a few post back There are over 124 interactive books to download. We had to showcase this app on our webinar, because we are so hooked on this "books"!

5. Even though we have gone from 80 something degrees for a few days to a breezy 60 something today, the day was lovely and the weather was perfect! Spring is here in our little spot of Louisiana. The Louisiana Irises are blooming! Looking forward to bright sunny days that allows us to spend a little more time outside with the kiddos.

APPy Spring Techie World

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