Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Currently

Joining Farley's March Currently Linky Party once again. 

  • Who doesn't love a little Chicago singing "Saturday in the Park" or "25 or 6 to 4" after a tedious week?
  • 98 cents at Walmart means a bring home too many boxes of Bottlecaps, but I love some chalky candy. HMMMM???? Chalky candy... teacher? Is that ironic? 
  • Heading to NO to watch my son's beautiful and talented girlfriend compete with her WinterGuard team. We're staying overnight and enjoying the city on Sunday... well, the best we can in 55 degree weather. 
  • Gotta catch up with my T3 buddy and get some more iPads in my classroom. Just one isn't cutting it anymore. Wish me luck!
  • I truly can not believe I will have an 18 year old in 4 days. It is very bittersweet. I love theme parties, but what do you do for an 18 year old? 
  • Like, Love, Hate was a definite challenge. Specific directions were given to complete with only one word for each and it must start with the letter of your first name.  So I had to dig deep. The letter A is hard!

  • We sure can ROCK out to Taylor Swift!
  • Yes, I spend WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much money, but when you only have one little one, it's the only way to go!  So, my translation of an "Ariel" birthday party is "Under the Sea."
  • I leave for Chicago soon and I'm thinking that I may need to start a packing list...I hear it is COLD there!  I JUST might need to borrow Angela's RED peacoat!
  • Ahhhhhhh, don't we all?  Maybe I need more time because I have so much to do before the party!  (Note to self...don't try to repaint shutters the week before a birthday party!)
  • I have several on my "book list," but I'm still looking!  Any suggestions you have would be wonderful!  I really enjoy Dystopian novels.
  • Like, Love, Hate:  Agapanthus, America, Allergies...I simply love Spring time and this year, my Agapanthus are already looking good!  America - I love my country!  Allergies...need I say more?

  • My dog Katie whines when she doesn't get her way. My older dog Bella finally gets tired of it and gives in to Katie. 
  • I've been working out several days a week. I love the Crossfit family I have. They are a wonderful source of encouragement. 
  • I have a presentation to give for my college sorority. I haven't done one of those in AGES and I'm having a hard time writing up my presentation. 
  • Yeah so my desk looks like a bomb went off on it. My goal when I leave school by Friday is to have a clean desk! 
  • I have the entry for this week, so I am needing to get that written. 
  • Like, Love, Hate:  Roses are my favorite flower. I got a dozen red ones for Valentines Day this year. I love reading! I hate to repeat myself..... which is ironic being that I am a teacher. :)


    1. Found you through Farley's link up and I'm your newest follower. I would LOVE to have more ipads in my classroom as well. Good luck with those mini grants! Isn't Pandora the greatest. I'm a fan of classic rock and listen to it quite a bit on Pandora.
      Teacher Gone Digital

      1. Hey. Thanks for following. I just finished the steps to follow your blog too. Crossing everything I possibly can. should know by the end of this upcoming week.

    2. Oh those rootbeer bottlecaps are the best! I love New Orleans and I am not a city person at all, but the city has so much to offer even though it might be cold. Enjoy!!

      Apples and Papers

      1. I know right? I save them for last and never eat the red ones. Crazy?

    3. I hope you have a great time in NO. I love that city and its history. I also hope you get the two grants you wrote! Have a great trip! I am your newest follower.


      1. Thanks Andrea. I just realized I can use that red peacoat that I never get to use because it is rarely gets really cold in our little area of the Louisiana boot. Awesome!

    4. The letter A was hard. Have a great time in NO! I hope your grants come through for you.

      Looking From Third to Fourth

    5. I'm your newest follower! Good luck on the mini grants!
      Have you tried Donors Choose? I teacher on my GL just got 8 Chromebooks through DC!
      Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

      1. Wow! 8 Chromebooks!!!!! Congrats to the teacher. I have heard about DC, but never looked into it. Maybe I should give it a shot! Thanks for the tip!

    6. Good luck on your grants and your time in New Orleans. I have never been but that sounds awesome. Love the name of your blog!

      Stickers and Stamps