Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do you Voki?

 (To view the Voki above, please view the site from a PC or laptop)
Creating a Voki is simple and FUN!

Step 1:  Click the create tab to begin!

Step 2: Customize your character...choose from various avatars, clothing, and accessories!

Step 3: Give your Voki a voice...you can call, type, or record your message.  You can select from several accents and countries for the voice of your Voki.

Step 4: Select a background.

Step 5: Select a player color to compliment your theme.

Step 6: Click publish to finalize your Voki!  From here, you can choose to grab the HTML code to embed your Voki into your website, or simply grab a link (URL) to place in a document or email.

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