Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Class Dojo... Class Management Gone Techie

Rachel and I tag teamed today's post. We know that two (and three) is so much better than one. And since we have both contributed to the behavior management system in each other's classrooms in some fashion, it only seemed fitting to both write about one of our favorite systems that has changed the dynamics in our rooms.

Two years ago, I found a classroom management system at our state technology conference. Leslie Fisher had featured it in one of her sessions. It was just what I needed and has been a blessing in paperwork.

Here's how it works: 
Visit www.classdojo.com and sign up for a FREE account. Once your signed up, we recommend you visit the Demo Class to explore the workings of the system. Class Dojo allows teachers to add as many classes as you need, so it is great for someone in the upper grades to track and monitor behavior. 

Once you have created your classes, you move into establishing your positive and negative behaviors which you monitor with your students. (The pictures provided are examples from the demo class)

Both positive and negative behaviors are
 limitless! As the teacher, you are able to choose the image and the wording.

In order to award a student, you simply click on that student's name or multiple students' names. The 'Positive' and 'Negative' tabs will become available. Then click on the desired behavior you wish to document at that time.

Positive behaviors award students points and negative behaviors remove points. The system even provides both a positive and negative sound effect. It is amazing what a sound can do to promote the desired behavior or to stop a student in his or her tracks. We use the points tracking in our classes within each quarter to reward students.

Here's where Class Dojo becomes the teacher's best friend. The system provides codes for both the students and their parents. The codes allow them access to the child's data. Students can change their avatar and personalize it (which they love). Parents can track their children's behavior daily if they choose. And it just gets better.  Parents can submit their email address to you. Once you have entered the email address, Class Dojo can send a report to any parent who has given his or her email address. The reports are AUTOMATICALLY sent out on Friday afternoons.

Class Dojo also has an app which allows you to update student behaviors anywhere you may travel with them. The system is only available in iOS as of now, but I do know they are working on an android version.

You can take the Class Dojo point system up a notch and allow students to cash in their points. I do this as a 9 week system. At the end of 9 weeks, my students are able to cash in their total Class Dojo points. I'm including the pictures that I post in my own classroom of my point rewards. Prior to this year, I used a checkbook system and I was informed of Class Dojo by Angela. I fell in LOVE with it! It made my life so much easier.

I also print the overall class behavior chart. I do that for each class and post it on the wall. The class with the best percentage receives additional 5 points. If they receive 100% they receive an additional 15 points.

Here's an up close shot of the class percentages.
So I had the system, but I needed a little boost to make it matter in my classroom. I instantly thought of what Rachel did with her point system. Of course I sent her a text immediately to beg for her reward system. She was more than willing to offer her system which I modified to meet the needs for my fifth graders.

I love the thought that my students will be moving up to the sixth grade and possibly into her math classroom.  My students will be accustom to her system and will be ready to earn those points and those rewards. It's T3 magic!!

Give it a try! Rachel and I are more than willing to help you with any set up issues you encounter. Or to encourage you along the way!!!



  1. This is one of my most favorite apps! It has changed my classroom management so much. I love the reward system y'all have developed and the idea of printing and posting the weekly graphs!

    1. Thanks Tevya!! The kids (even my 6th graders) love this too! In fact mine are begging to cash in their dojo points for their rewards today even as we speak. So I promised them we'd do it tomorrow. I think it helps keep me accountable to reward them for their great behavior. Thanks for taking time to respond to our blog. :)


  2. The kids really respond to this program! It's fun and informative for students and teachers. The students love to hear the "ding!" " ) Thank you for the blog post... I'm sharing with the teachers in my school to get them started and this post will be helpful!