Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Power of Three

So there we were standing in the Technology Department parking lot discussing our various "techie" things that we seem to find ourselves discussing. Then Ashleigh said it. We have said it many times, but this time something was different. The energy around the statement was electric and it was spilled out into the world. "We should start a blog." 

We are three intelligent teachers with a plethora of technology experience. With our combined knowledge and experience, we could really help others! We always help others whether it be the teacher next door, on another hall, or even on another campus. We help. That's just what we do. So why not put all that knowledge into a blog that could assist teachers everywhere.

And it happened, three teachers creating a path from our "we should" words into "we will" actions. With smiles on our faces, a "can do" attitude we model for our students everyday, and three hands on top of each other, the journey began.

It is our hope to assist you, provide you with a "techie" tip or two, and to entertain you as well with our mishaps and inspiring moments within our classrooms. Hopefully you will continue to join us on this amazing adventure with:

  •  "Techie Tuesdays" with helpful suggestions or products to make your "techie world" more manageable,
  • "Telling Thursdays" that provide an inside look into our "techie world"
  •  "What Makes Us Appy" that explores those apps that we are currently loving and can't stop using. 

And of course, much more.

The T3
Angela, Ashleigh, and Rachel 

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