Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keeping Student Searches Safe

When it's time to do any research project in my class, a worry begins to set! Research in a classroom can bring about interesting topics and images. Filters are not always 100% with blocking content. However, there is a way to keep those eyes safe from those images and sites that we do not want on any computer in your classroom.

If your room is like mine, Google is the preferred search engine for any research project and is used just about everything in our classroom. Google can be a teacher's friend with their safe searches and filtering they provide.

One of the easiest way to search safely would be to simply type "safesearch:" before your topic. These words alone help filter your topic.

However, there is a permanent solution if or when your students forget the safe search trick. In order to change your filter, use google.com/preferences. Google provides three levels of filtering.

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